WHY INVEST IN Oil and Gas?


oil dropMonthly Income:

Once the well starts producing, the monthly revenue from the sale of Oil & Natural Gas comes every month potentially for 50 years.
Example: If a well(s) produces 200 barrels of oil equivalent per day and you invested 70k, your monthly checks would be approx: $7500.00

oil drop100% TAX Deductible:

Drilling is the very best tax advantaged investment (Newsweek).
Congress gives tax breaks to individual investors that are not available to large companies.
100% tax deductible … 65 to 80% can be written off in first year.
Up to 100% tax-free income.
Example: If you are in the 35% tax bracket and you invested 70k and you write off 80% the first year.
$70,000.00 X 80% X 35% = $19,600.00
You save $19,600.00 dollars, which allows you take those dead dollars and put them to work for you. Normally that $19.6k would go to Uncle Sam. The other 20% gets amortized over the next 5-7 years giving you 100% tax write off inevitably for a total savings of $24,500.00. The beauty and reality of this is you get the tax write off even if we drill the best well in the field!

oil dropHedge Against Inflation:

Oil & Natural Gas prices go up when the dollar is down just like gold. The demand for commodities such as oil will dip during inflationary periods but it won’t disappear anytime soon. In fact, demand is rising in developing countries and this bodes well for oil speculators.

oil dropHigh Financial Rewards:

Return of initial investment in as fast as 6 to 12 months and better than 8 to 1 Return on Investment. Greater than 50% Annual Rate of Return.

oil dropLong-Term Revenue:

Oil and gas investments can pay out as long as fifteen to thirty years, a revenue stream that is not impacted by stock market trends, interest rates, or short-term economic fluctuations.

oil dropMonthly Income Disbursement:

Investor net revenue checks are sent out 60-90 days after drilling begins and every month thereafter.

oil dropTransparent Communication:

Investors are kept completely informed with the use of detailed project updates, quarterly newsletters, frequent economic reporting, and access to a secure online partner site.